Saturday, December 3, 2016

Washing up with e.l.f.


I treated myself by ordering something different, e.l.f.’s new Hydrating Bubble Mask.  I was intrigued by the description of a gel that transforms to a bubble mask, with bubbling foam cleansing the skin. My curiosity won, I just had to try it! So did it deliver?


Luckily, dispensing the gel is easy, and that small amount of gel produced all these bubbles for my face and neck.


These are the bubbles while foaming. For the first application, I kept it on for 10 minutes, and the second time, the bubbles were long gone after 5 minutes, and my skin was left with the gel remaining, which I massaged in and rinsed off. The results are a sleek, smooth feeling face.


At a cost of $18 CAD, the Hydrating Bubble Mask is more of a mini luxury for me. I use it once a week and anticipate it coming in handy for the dry winter months ahead.


The Daily Face Cleanser was part of our surprise Halloween Treat. It gives me a light refreshing wash, and the clean scent is pleasant, not perfumed. My face isn’t left tight or dry, but soft and a bit moisturized. I don’t need to use much either, and it lathers up nicely. This would be a great cleanser for those with sensitive skin.

These cleansers have delivered on what the details stated for me, and I would easily recommend them.

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