Sunday, February 26, 2017

Peel off lip tattoo?

Missing from the lineup is Sweet Orange, which I gave to a friend.

A video for a new & different type of lip product, peel off lip stain/lip tattoo, appeared on Facebook and I was intrigued.  
I found a 6 pack (for $6!) of Romantic Bear Long Lasting Lip Colors on
I experimented for awhile with these in order to see how they'd work best. For the most precise application, I use a cotton swab. The next important thing is to keep my mouth open for as long as possible after I apply it, otherwise, the stain won't set, it'll be sticky. It must be dry before I peel it off. Once it's dry, I close my lips tight & press hard so it will all come off on the bottom lip. Most of it does come off, but the bits that remain I rub into my lips, which does stain my finger (so remember to use a cotton swab for an unstained finger).
The 3 darker colours (Cherry Red, Sexy Red, Rose Pink) work better for me than the lighter shades. I mainly use it as a base, then apply lipstick or gloss on top. Even if I don't put on lipstick after it, my lips have colour.
It's good for before you're going out to a restaurant & don't want bare lips, but don't want to leave lipstick stains on cups, cutlery & napkins. It's also nice for wearing at home to have some colour.
For $1 each, this was certainly an affordable and fun purchase!

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