Friday, September 22, 2017

The One Memory of Flora Banks

"You always remember your first kiss. Flora remembers nothing else."
It all starts with the curious cover, then the inside pages filled with Flora be brave, to the back cover with numbers in all caps followed by one line like "SIX - People out there looking for me on the ice." The One Memory of Flora Banks by Emily Barr is an unusual story of a girl you just can't figure out, and no wonder, considering what she's been through.

A little bit reminiscent to me of the movie Groundhog Day, The One Memory of Flora Banks is about 17 year old Flora who has lost all the memories of the last 7 years of her life. So she writes reminders to herself on her arms and leaves Post it notes everywhere. She keeps a notebook of what has happened to her, and reads it and relives it everyday. 

The few people in her life consist of an over protective mother who wrote her own version of Flora's story for her to read as a reminder. Her dad goes along with whatever her mother says, and her brother, who she adores, is estranged from her parents and lives in Paris. Flora does have a best friend since childhood Paige, but not since she kissed her boyfriend. 

Flora's adventure begins with her kiss from Drake, which she remembers. She's convinced that since she remembers the kiss, that must mean her memories will return. Her obsessive quest to have Drake in her life takes Flora out of her physical and emotional comfort zone.  

Flora is always under estimated, particularly by her mother, but it's through her incredible journey that she discovers her strength from having to be brave.  

I enjoyed reading her story from her unique perspective, and rooted for her all along the way. When she achieved what she set out to do, I cheered for her big accomplishment. Then the confusing twist comes, showing nothing in Flora's world is straightforward. But clear cut would be quite dull. It all makes for an interesting novel. I'd like to read a Part II. 

I received The One Memory of Flora Banks in a GoodReads giveaway.

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