Friday, October 27, 2017


I looked forward to reading Perennials a couple months ago, as the description of two camp friends with secrets sounded like the perfect summer read. 

Rachel and Fiona are as different as the tropics and the Arctic. Rachel is confident, positive, and uses her beauty to her advantage. Fiona is insecure, has a reputation of being a drag, and her not model thin figure is always a source of contention. Yet their much anticipated escape, Camp Marigold, brings them together as children, then later as camp counselors. They also have in common dysfunctional family lives. We come to realize a big life lesson: that just because someone puts on a good show, doesn't mean she is free from troubles. 

Managing changing close female friendships; issues with parents and siblings;  carving out your own identity from child to adult; and sexual assault: Perennials is a prime portrayal of North American teen & young adult life.

I also enjoyed how author Mandy Berman told this story also through the eyes of their parents, friends, and boss at camp. Their perspectives were interesting and added depth to the story.   

I received Perennials in a GoodReads giveaway.

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