Monday, April 30, 2018


It was when I googled Ben Indra (I didn't know who he was. And I still don't.), that I learned Anna Faris and Chris Pratt split up. 
I felt sad then reading anything she wrote about him and their marriage, especially the chapter she dedicates to what a fabulous guy he is. 

The things I could relate to in this book:

A high school teacher told Anna that based on an intelligence test score, she should be a secretary. (Because I sucked at science, a junior high science teacher told my mom I should go to beauty school.) 
Not being into weddings (There were 40 guests at mine). 
Staying into relationships too long, long past their expiry date, and always trying to make it work (I won't name names). 
The whipped cream in her hot chocolate comment when she was 13 that started her off on body image issues. (Where to start? Where to start? Just too many food and body remarks heard in adolescence to mention.) 

The things that were bothersome: 

She wimped out in the way she told her husband she was leaving him. It was callous and her excuses were lame. The first of many appearance of her selfishness - something she says a few times about herself. 

Faris is into singing her own praises. She even takes credit for discovering Chris's celebrity first and makes instances of fans approaching him about her. 
She repeats herself a lot. 
She likes to claim she's not about the Hollywood life, and makes many anti-Hollywood remarks. But how she went from her first husband to her second husband was a very Hollywood starlet move.  

I didn't find Unqualified to be as much about advice as a memoir by a comedic actress. It wasn't my type of read, and I didn't find her to be as humorous as she thinks she is.  

I received Unqualified in a GoodReads giveaway. 

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